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London, England – Celebrities from all around the world and from all branches of the arts are rallying behind what international talk show host Jerry Springer has described as an “Incredible (rock) video” aimed at raising funds for fostering charities all over the world.

The video, a rock / metal cover of “Don’t You Worry Child”, released by Swedish band We Are The Catalyst goes live today on YouTube and goes on general release globally next week with all the profits going to The Fostering Network. The video is a no holds barred look at the darker side of a broken home and the horrific struggle many children face on a daily basis.

12th August 2014

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Ruthie Henshall, one of the stars of the West End hit show Billy Elliott summed up what many of the celebrities are saying about the video when she said “Music is obviously something that is very close to my heart and when I see music specifically being released to raise money and awareness for such a great cause as Fostering, then I just have to give my support.

I would urge music fans everywhere to check out the wonderful video for Don't You Worry Child by We Are The Catalyst and then please download the track so that with the help of The Fostering Network, we can all make a real difference to so many at risk children”.

Tony Round, Head of Fundraising for The Fostering Network commented “The children who come into care have all too often experienced neglect and abuse, or witnessed domestic violence or substance misuse. The Fostering Network has worked hard for the past 40 years to ensure that these children can experience love, support and stability in a foster family. We are delighted to have been chosen as the charity receiving funds raised through Rock for the Children, and thank We Are The Catalyst for shining a huge spotlight on foster care and the amazing work that foster carers do around the world through the release of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’.”

With additional celebrities also pledging their support for the campaign “Rock for the Children” ranging from Hayley Atwell, one of the stars of the blockbuster Captain America movies, right through to Michael Van Schoick who plays “Epic Strut Dave”, in the current Money Supermarket TV adverts in the UK, the project clearly has not shortage of well known supporters.

“A lot of people are also supporting Rock For The Children, by sending us Index Finger Smiley Selfies” said Kenny Boufadene, guitarist and co vocalist for We Are The Catalyst. “They are simple smiley faces drawn on the index finger, but it signifies how a simple #OneClick (downloading the single) can literally change a childs life forever”

To view the video, download the track and for more information on Rock for the Children, please visit www.rockforthechildren.com